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Let's get you your free credit report - right now!

Options to obtaining your credit report

The first options we will go through are FREE, no gimmicks no games -  your full, free credit report.  Scan through each option to choose which way you want to go.

I recommend starting right here ... print out each of your 3 reports ... is a free site that allows you to sign in on your computer .... right now .... you will sign into each of the three credit bureaus - and you can print your report instantly or save it to your computer to view. Keep in mind all 3 bureaus may not have the same information listed, as creditor's choose who to report information to and at times do not report to all three, no worries, that's common. You will not receive your score for free - although they will be happy to charge you a fee to see it if you're stuck on seeing your score right now.  This sight above allows every individual on the planet to have access one time a year to view their full credit report.  I have no affiliations to, I make zero money sending you here, it is just a reputable website that you have the right to access one time a year for free. I have used this site for myself to see what entries are listed - however once you get your report for the first time there are other free services you can use to update you via email if your credit file changes or credit is applied for.

Then once you have your report is a site that lets you see your credit report, you create a password, there is an app you can use for your smart phone (I use this one all the time) you can retrieve your credit reports, look at all the files reported on your report - you can receive updates when anything is changed or added to your credit report.  This one is very handy to have on your smart phone to keep in touch with changes and it's super simple to use. 

You also have the option of going to each of the three credit bureaus ...

They will no doubt try to sell you many different things along the way.  Including your own report! Most times they will get you to buy a monthly subscription, so keep your eyes open, pay attention.